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pottery studio

The newest addition to KidzPalooza brings an exciting activity for the whole family to enjoy. We offer a variety of beautiful pottery pieces for you to paint at different skill levels. Our pottery experts are here to help you along the way!

Visit our pottery page to learn more about our pottery painting packages!

adventure soft playground

Your child will release all their energy inside our Adventure Soft Playground!! The diversified mix of 41 different, attractive and fun play elements will keep the kids excited and active with Climbing, Sliding, Crawling, Balancing and Playing while exploring the huge 3 dimensional, Multilevel Soft Playground Maze. With 2 exciting slides, and all the different play elements, you can be sure your child will enjoy a SAFE & exciting challenge when they visit Kidz Palooza.

Note to Parents: Kidz Palooza’s Adventure Soft Playground is built according to the highest European safety standards, manufactured & imported from the Netherlands. Leave your fears at home when you bring your kids to Kidz Palooza!

tot corner

In striving for a cleaner & hygienic experience at Kidz Palooza, we have ensured that all our toys in the Tot zone & The Market are wooden! Not only are wooden toys more sustainable and kinder to the environment, but also healthier for children developmentally and physically due to the high levels of toxic chemicals in manufacturing plastic toys.

Some of the classic wooden toys that you will find in our Tot Zone, like puzzles and building blocks, help children with numeracy, motor skills and problem solving. Children also begin to exercise their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination with wooden toys instead of simply pressing buttons and watching.

Kids 3 years-old and younger have their own play area, so your whole family can have fun at Kidz Palooza. Our separate section is perfect for your toddlers who may still be a little unsteady on their feet.

paint studio

Let that little Artist out! Children will be guided by experienced artists in exploring their creativity with a wonderful range of Acrylic, Oil, Pastel and Water colors painted on Canvas. Our paint-based activities will allow your child an educational opportunity that will be so much fun! Come check out the studio and all our Art Programs! Excitement and creativity at all levels & ages!

building blocks

Construction play teaches children to problem-solve, connect socially, understand and be inquisitive in their play. They learn about the attributes of different materials, engage their curiosity and imagination, and experiment with applying concepts and exploring new ways to use physical materials. Your child will not get bored as they create buildings, monsters & more! Also check out our vertical building pad!

Craft Station

Your child will engage their creative mind inside our Craft Station. KP artists will ensure there is always something new for kids to explore & engage in

the market

Playing shop where imagination has no limits! The market will allow your child to engage in a great activity-based learning on many levels while having so much fun!


Dress-up play is roleplaying and storytelling where kids will use their imagination, build vocabulary skills, gain confidence and more! With dress-up play, your child can be anyone s/he likes, from a superhero to a doctor!

daily play hours

We Welcome Drop Ins and Daily Play
at our Indoor Playground!

Hours of Operation may vary depending on private bookings. Please give us a call for Public Admission times.

drop in rates

CHILDREN UP TO 12 YEARS         70 AED/hour
(2 Free Adults With Every One Child Entry)
ADDITIONAL HOUR                     45 AED/hour
ADDITIONAL ADULTS.                           20 AED
PAINT & PLAY                                        115 AED
CANVAS PAINTING                       95 AED/hour
POTTERY                           PRICE OF POTTERY
Admission with any services 45 aed per hour


Become a Part of The Club!

Includes 10% off all Pottery,

Spa & Salon services, and any party packages excluding the Basic Package. Maximum 3 hours per day included.

SIBLING PRICE                         900 AED

Rules & Regulations


Socks must be worn at all times inside the Soft Playground. Children and adults alike! No shoes, No bare feet! Socks can be purchased at the front counter.

All kids under 4 years old must be supervised by parent(s), guardian(s) or care taker(s). No drop offs.

No sick children;

No reckless play. No running.

Height & Age restrictions are in force for the safety of all children.

Feet FIRST down the slides! Lift arms to prevent elbow burn! Allow time for others to exit the slide before you slide.

Do NOT stand at bottom of the slide or climb up the slide area!

Do NOT sit/stand over top any furniture.

No toys, glass or sharp objects allowed inside the Soft Playground.

Empty pockets and remove jewelry (we are not responsible for lost or broken items).

No eating or drinking in the play stations. Food must remain in the central lounge or the party rooms.

Kidz Palooza encourages healthy food items from home but we do not allow food from outside restaurants.